What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "I was self employed for several years and did not pay quarterly taxes. The IRS claimed that we owed more than $1,000,000.00. Our CPA tried to negotiate a plan with the IRS to solve the problem. The result was a demand by the IRS for payments of $25,000 per month, which was more money than I took home. You sat down with my wife and I and explained what needed to be done in clear and simple terms. We are now in a payment plan that we can afford and, most importantly, we are staying current with our taxes each year. I cannot thank you enough for helping us get through this nightmare."

    HANRY H New Braunfels, TX
  • "The IRS conducted an Audit of several years of my tax returns. They denied almost all of my business expenses and other deductions. The IRS said that I owed more than $50,000. The Penalties and Interest were outrageous. There was no way that I could ever pay this. I brought this problem to you. You appealed the Audits for each year. After the Appeal, the IRS agreed that I owed only $535.00. I cannot thank you enough."

    RAYMOND R. Spring, TX
  • "When we called you, we owed over one million dollars in unpaid employment taxes. The IRS had sent Notice of Levy to all of our customers and had taken thousands out of our bank accounts. We were ready to file bankruptcy. Thanks to your aggressive and hard work, the IRS released the levies and we were able to stay in business."

  • "When I hired you, I had not filed a tax return for more than 7 years. The IRS said that I owed more than $125,000 and started taking my paychecks. You prepared and filed all of the old tax returns, and got the IRS to stop taking my paychecks. The IRS now owes me almost $20,000 in refunds. Thank you all for everything."

    JENNIFER T. Houston, TX

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